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Caridad Santana Sánchez - Academic Director  

You’ll speak Spanish from the first class.

The enthusiasm, experience and professionalism of our more than one hundred teachers is our guarantee. All are university qualified to teach Spanish. All will help you learn the language in an enjoyable and effective way while you immerse yourself in an exciting new culture. You’ll learn Spanish by living Spanish – in our classrooms, in your activities and excursions, and in the streets of your destination city.

Caridad Santana Sánchez
Academic Director of the don Quijote schools

 Our teaching method is interactive – and proven

don Quijote has developed an open, flexible and interactive method of teaching, drawing on our years of experience, our understanding of the cognitive process of language learning, and our continual reflection on the desires and interests of our students. You’ll learn Spanish as you learnt your native language – through practice and continuous communication. We adapt our method to meet both individual student needs and the demands of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

We strive to transform our classrooms into lively, interactive spaces providing the ideal elements for you to quickly attain your Spanish language goals. To do this, we mix a variety of tasks and activities: communicative and interactive, grammatical and cultural. We will truly immerse you in the Spanish language and Hispanic culture!

 You’ll study in small groups with personal attention

At don Quijote, you’ll always be the center of attention. Within the Intensive and Super-intensive courses, you will never study in a group of more than 8 students.

 The right study level for you, based on a recognized framework

Our courses We offer 6 basic levels in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

Beginners A1:
Develop ability and confidence in basic Spanish communication in familiar environments and interaction with native speakers in Hispanic countries.

Beginner A2:
Develop the ability to maintain a simple conversation in familiar environments and daily situations, expressing ideas in the present, past and future tenses.

Intermediate B1:
Develop ability in communication and linguistic competency to engage in conversations on nonspecialist topics.

Advanced B2:
Gain the necessary linguistic skills to be able to effectively structure an oral or written discussion.

Superior C1:
Further knowledge of Hispanic language and culture.

Mastery C2:
Eliminate any errors and differentiate between minor linguistic subtleties.

Approximate number of hours per level:
A1: 60,A2: 60, B1: 60, B2: 100. C1: 100, C2:400

 Teaching Material

As a result of over 18 years’ experience, we have developed and produced our own text books and have more books in the pipeline. You’ll also work with fresh and continuously updated support materials, including press articles, advertisements, audiovisual materials, etc.

 A flexible timetable during your course

We’ll expect you at school at eight o’clock on Monday morning – the first day of the course – to test your language level. If Monday coincides with a public holiday, we will start on Tuesday. If you are a complete beginner, you won’t have to take the placement test, but you will still need to arrive at the school at the same time to get your bearings and start learning as soon as possible.

You will have at least four classes each day, with a half an hour break. Each class lasts for 50 minutes. They take place between 9 am and 7 pm. You may have classes in the morning or in the afternoon. Your schedule will depend on several elements (the current groups, your level, type of course, etc) and will be decided once you have arrived.
 A completion certificate to show off your accomplishments

A test of everything you have learnt

After completing the course you will receive a certificate for the whole course if you have attended at least 85% of the classes. This will record: the course you have taken, duration, objectives and level of Spanish, special subjects, additional courses and number of hours. If you have attended less than 85% of your classes, the certificate will only record the actual number of classes (hours) you attended. For students from the United States, we give the assessment results according to the American grading system.

 Our syllabus and programs of study

Our syllabi and course programs are available in Spanish and English for Spanish teachers, heads of department, deans and tutors.

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