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Valencia, located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, just in front of the Balearic Islands, is a medium-sized city with a population of about 800,000 inhabitants.
Since the city was first founded by the Romans in the year 138 B. C., Valencia has accumulated the great wealth contributed by all the different cultures that have lived there (the Visigoths, the Muslims…). Taking a stroll through Valencia is feeling the plural development of a city in which the legacies of its prosperous history co- exist peacefully alongside the most modern and innovative constructions. Walking through the historical quarter, seeing religious temples and civil monuments with their Gothic; Baroque and Modernist architecture, stopping to visit its famous museums or admire projects as emblematic as the City of Arts and Sciences or the Palace of Congresses are just a few of the many options Valencia offers to visitors.
A falla Today, Valencia is one of the most important industrial centres in the Mediterranean area. It has also become a relevant European congress centre and a first-class point of encounter for all those who wish to develop their businesses or take part in its trade fairs. Valencia is a cosmopolitan city, an ideal historic site for trading activities and cultural exchange.

As Valencia is on the Spanish seaboard, it has been selected from among 65 international cities to be the headquarters of the forthcoming 32nd edition of the Americas Cup. This event will convert the city into an international point of reference in the sport of sailing.

Plaza de la Virgen In this attractive city bathed by the Mediterranean sea, you can enjoy a mild climate, rich cuisine, festivals and traditions that have been kept alive, not to mention all kinds of cultural and leisure activities...

Galileo Galilei Valencia is located in the centre of the university district, on the campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The school is surrounded by sports facilities, within easy reach of the city centre and just a few minutes walk away from the beach.
The School has large, comfortable classrooms and a multimedia room, library, study and reading rooms, a TV room, a music room and a games room.
Palau de la Música Living in Valencia is easy. It is possible to walk from the school to the city centre and the beaches. We enjoy a fantastic climate, and there wonderful beaches and the people are open and friendly.
Come to Valencia and find out for yourself what pleasant surprises it has in store for you.

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